Step1 Connect your PlayStation®3 to a network!

It’s ok if you haven’t connected to the Internet yet. Check out the below page on for details on how to get your PlayStation®3 online. Home >PlayStation®3 > Support

Refer to this page if you don’t know how to connect to the internet.
Once you’re connected, move on to STEP 2!

Step2 Go to the PlayStation® Store!

Turn on your PlayStation®3 (press the PlayStation icon button), and go to the XMB™
(Cross Media Bar) menu screen. Select PlayStation® Store from the PlayStation® Network category to go to the PlayStation® Store top page.

If you’ve reached the PlayStation® Network top page, you’re ready for STEP 3!

Step3 Locate the REAL STEEL Trial Version!

Select “PS3® Content” from the left menu to see a list of downloadable demos and movies. Select “REAL STEEL Trial Version” from the list of demos.

Once you’ve located the “REAL STEEL Trial Version”, go on to STEP 4!

Step4 Download the REAL STEEL trial!

Press the “Download” button to begin the download. A description about the REAL STEEL trial is shown here, so be sure to read through everything before downloading.

Once the download completes, the game will install itself automatically, and you’ll be ready to play the REAL STEEL trial. Now on to STEP 5!

Step5 Play the REAL STEEL trial!

Press the PlayStation icon button, go to the XMB (Cross Media Bar), and select “REAL STEEL Trial Version” from the Games category to play the free demo!

The REAL STEEL Trial Version includes offline multiplayer mode, where you can control the robots from the film (Atom, Noisy Boy, Metro, and Midas). Now prepare yourself for the thrill of robot boxing!!