Assembly Mode

Customize everything about your robot, strategically selecting which parts to build it with. Assembly Mode is your “robot dock” where you turn your ‘bot into a fearsome machine!

A garage of parts at your fingertips

Buy parts from the in-game shop to make your robot stronger. Seven exterior areas of your robot (head, body, legs, left arm, right arm, left fist and right fist) can be customized. The robot’s “core” (generator, motherboard, and hydraulic fluid) can also be customized.

Customize your moves

Each assembled robot can be equipped with 4 “tech moves” and 4 “taunt actions”. New moves can be bought at the in-game shop. Equipping stronger moves will make your robots more powerful in the ring.


Damage your robot sustains in Single-player Mode must be repaired. In addition to using Real Steel Cash, “Repair Kits” can also be purchased to do repairs in a jiffy.

In-game Shop

New robot parts, tech moves, repair kits and other content can be bought from the in-game shop. There are two areas in the in-game shop: the “Assembly Shop” and “Downloadable Content”. Use in-game cash (Real Steel Cash) to buy items in the Assembly Shop. Use Microsoft Points to purchase downloadable content. Real Steel Cash can also be purchased to buy new robot parts in the Assembly Shop.

*Images are from the Real Steel game.