About “Real Steel”

Experience the excitement of robot boxing as seen in the mega-blockbuster “Real Steel”

Welcome to the world of robot boxing, from the Hollywood blockbuster film, “Real Steel”.
In the not so distant future, where the face of boxing has changed. Robot Boxing–where remote-controlled robots are pitted against each other in 1-on-1 combat–has taken the world by storm. Now it’s your turn to experience the future of boxing just like in the movie by assembling your very own robots in the “Real Steel” game.

1.Your very first robot

You begin the game in “Assembly Mode”, by selecting the base model of what will become your very own robot. Once you’ve picked a robot, you’ll be ready to fight in “Match Mode”, where the robots featured in the movie are waiting for you. As you compete in matches, you will gradually earn prize money, or “Real Steel Cash”.

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2.Earn Real Steel Cash and customize your robot in Assembly Mode

Use Real Steel Cash to buy robot parts, then use these parts to customize your robot and raise its battle stats. You can also purchase Real Steel Cash using Microsoft Points.

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3.Strategically customize your ‘bot, turning it into a fearsome machine!Powerful new parts released periodically!

Additional robot assembly parts are available as downloadable content. The prize money earned by fighting in the game can be used to acquire parts, but more powerful parts can also be purchased as downloadable content. Customize all aspects of your robot to design your own unique ‘bot to match your fighting style.

Learn about “Real Steel” Downloadable Content

4.Battle other assembled robots from all around the world

Custom parts will also be made available as downloadable content. The vast amount of robot parts allows for over 100 million custom robot possibilities, allowing you to mix and match parts to truly make your own personal robot. You can purchase downloadable content using Microsoft Points.

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*Images are from the Real Steel game.